Hello prospective performers! Thanks for looking us up here at Among Friends Music. Here is some basic information about our series.

Typically, our house concerts take place in our living room. I can seat 25 people, and that is the optimum number, but we could probably squeeze in a few more. Mostly, we use rented folding chairs plus some of our own seating. We don’t provide any specialized equipment (stage, lights, PA, etc.), so bring what you need. You are welcome to household things we have (like stools, small rugs, amateurish lighting). I do have a well-tuned Steinway upright. We are best suited for solo or duo acts at our home. On rare occasions, we have other venues accessible to us when we have a larger band or potentially a much bigger audience than our house can accommodate. We prefer the small, intimate concert scenario, but for certain situations, we are willing to do something bigger.

We prefer to book on Saturday nights, but will consider other times and days for the right performers. Usually we start with a social around 6:30 and start music at about 7:30 with one set break. We usually end by 10 or so. We do heavy snacks, tea and coffee. Some people bring food, but we provide most of the food. We prefer to keep our house concerts alcohol-free, but if we host in another venue, we do not mind alcohol there.

If needed, we can provide overnight stays for our performers and associated meals. We have a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs and all the kids are grown. There are cats and a dog, so we hope you aren’t allergic.

Our suggested donation ranges from $10-$20 (usually $15) per attendee, depending on the day, the situation, and the performer. All door proceeds go directly to the performer. We provide a place for you to sell your merchandise and if you like, we can assign a volunteer to help with your sales or watch the table.

Please take a look at our calendar page to see the types of acts we host. While we might personally like your music, we are always conscious of the audience appeal in our area, so please don’t take it personally if we decide you are not a good fit for our typical audience.

We promote heavily on Facebook and Twitter locally, and through our website, the Friends of Florida Folk organization, and a list serve for folk music venues in Florida. We also work to get radio mentions and interviews when possible. Promotional assistance from you is appreciated.

If you think you are interested in performing for us, please email Becky. It is a good idea to send links to videos if you have them, links to your music and photos, etc. (website). If you have questions, let us know! Here’s a blog post I wrote that is directed at potential new house concert attendees. It tells them what to expect from an audience perspective.